Brett Hogan
Founder | CEO


Matt Hogan
Founder | CTO


Dan Estrada
Investor | Advisor


David McMahon
Investor | Advisor


Renee Beerworth
Investor | Advisor


Cédric Laurant
Privacy & IP Advisor



Brett blends seasoned business, marketing
and design skills with his passion for
personable and simple technology that,
for the first time, puts customers safely
in control of their data, content and privacy.
He calls it app curation utopia.

The seeds of Brett’s Konversed journey were firmly planted 17 years ago when he developed an obsession with strategic marketing and beautiful high-end design. Using experience gained over a decade in advertising and global media buying agencies, Brett founded a successful advertising studio where he was headhunted to manage the communications for a prestige automotive dealership group. He worked with brands such as Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini. Here, as Head of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Events, Brett deepened his strategic knowledge of advancing digital media, and became acutely aware of content ownership and the struggles of creatives and brands to maintain rights.

In 2006, Brett co-founded PrestigeWay – a cloud technology start-up for the automotive industry, gaining invaluable experience in cloud and app development and marketing. He was also the brainchild behind the tablet publishing platform Digitize, launched in 2010. As Founder and CEO of Konversed, Brett is a huge advocate of data privacy and an expert in identifying tech trends.


With personal experience of intellectual
property theft, Matt built Konversed to solve
an IP and ownership problem experienced
by creatives across the globe. As a self-
confessed futurist, Matt channels his authentic
passion for high-quality ‘design with heart’ into
transformative software architecture that makes
users feel instantly at home.

Matt’s skills transcend the industry norm, resulting in the Konversed app – a revolutionary design by creatives for creatives with a subtle dose of tech geekiness bringing the user interface to its purest function and form. His deep understanding of app design and the complexities involved in programming led him to propel several pioneering cloud and mobile tech product developments. These include the high-end automotive platform PrestigeWay, tablet publishing platform Digitize, and TrayPay restaurant POS software for IOS devices.

Before concentrating his skills on the app development arena, Matt was a multi-award-winning graphic designer with a successful design studio. He collected more than 18 years of experience in Australia and Germany, working with various spheres of government as well as sophisticated technology, industrial and product design clients, including Woodmark Arne Christiansen, Audi Australia, Audi AG Ingolstadt and Dallmeier.

Dan Estrada

Dan has been actively involved in the business development of technology start-ups since 1995, and an advisor for Konversed since its inception. Industry renowned, Dan has an unrivalled network of OEM, Retail, ISP and ISV channel partners, built during his 20 years of experience in the technology space.

With intimate knowledge of the distribution and monetization of software and services through mass-market channel partners, Dan is in the position to expertly guide Konversed, ensuring the future-proofing of its technology. He is widely respected for his pivotal role in successfully leading the worldwide business development efforts for Norton Online Backup – Symantec’s first stand-alone consumer cloud backup service. Dan also executed the successful worldwide channel distribution strategy for cloud service start-up, SwapDrive, (an online backup, storage and sharing service), from the company’s inception through to its acquisition by Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) for $123 million.

David McMahon

David’s passion is growing businesses. With 24 years of experience in the UK and Australian mobile communications industries, David is ideally placed to act as a mentor to the Founders of Konversed. He plays a key role in advising the company’s growth management strategy and is hands-on in his guidance on its strategic direction.

David co-founded Vita Group Limited in 1995 and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 2013. A telecommunications and IT retailer, starting off with a $1,500 investment to a turnover in excess of $500 million, Vita Group – now an ASX listed company – operates more than 180 outlets, trading as Telstra, Telstra Business Centres, Fone Zone, Next Byte and One Zero. During his tenure, David was responsible for leading the Group’s strategic direction and instrumental in its rapid growth to become Australia’s largest Telstra partner.

In 2001, David was awarded the prestigious Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Northern Region) in recognition of his outstanding business strategy and management skills. This entrepreneurial spirit has seen him involved as an investor and/or mentor in a number of successful start-up companies in a diverse range of industries, ranging from food and beverage to Internet search engines.

Renee Beerworth

As a leading People Performance Architect, Renee plays a pivotal role in mentoring and empowering the Konversed Founders to create a thriving culture from the inside out.

Renee has an uncanny ability to understand businesses and their people holistically, ensuring the right people are in the right roles. She has been influential in linking the Konversed business strategy to individual performance, motivating the team to achieve aspirational goals and supporting the Founders with stakeholder management and reporting. Renee has worked with several global professional services companies, achieving substantial results with her unique approach to creating and implementing business success ecosystems.

Cédric Laurant

Cédric is a leading global data privacy and public policy advisor. With 17 years of unparalleled experience, he expertly advises Konversed on all matters relating to data protection, online privacy, information governance, global information security and intellectual property.

Cédric profoundly understands the critical importance of protecting the data and content curated by Konversed customers in every respect, ensuring they maintain complete ownership and rights. Globally, Cédric is a highly sought-after speaker and lecturer on data protection and online privacy issues and has regularly been asked to testify on these matters before the European Parliament, the US Congress, the European Commission and other international legislative and governmental bodies. Cédric also specialises in the areas of global data privacy compliance, Internet policy and governance, information privacy, information security, e-commerce, cyber-security, online profiling, data breach management, Internet law, social media, telecommunications privacy and government surveillance.


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