Brett Hogan
Founder | CEO


Matt Hogan
Founder | CTO


Dan Estrada
Investor | Advisor


Brett Malden
Partner | CMO



Brett blends seasoned business, marketing and
design skills with his passion for personable
and simple technology that, for the first time,
puts customers safely in control of their
data, content and privacy.

He calls it app curation utopia.

The seeds of Brett’s Konversed journey were firmly planted 17 years ago when he developed an obsession with strategic marketing and beautiful high-end design. Using experience gained over a decade in advertising and global media buying agencies, Brett founded a successful advertising studio where he was headhunted to manage the communications for a prestige automotive dealership group. He worked with brands such as Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini. Here, as Head of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Events, Brett deepened his strategic knowledge of advancing digital media, and became acutely aware of content ownership and the struggles of creatives and brands to maintain rights.

In 2006, Brett co-founded PrestigeWay – a cloud technology start-up for the automotive industry, gaining invaluable experience in cloud and app development and marketing. He was also the brainchild behind the tablet publishing platform Digitize, launched in 2010. As Founder and CEO of Konversed, Brett is a huge advocate of data privacy and an expert in identifying tech trends.


With personal experience of intellectual
property theft, Matt built Konversed to solve
an IP and ownership problem experienced
by creatives across the globe. As a self-confessed
futurist, Matt channels his authentic
passion for high-quality ‘design with heart’ into
transformative software architecture that
makes users feel instantly at home.

Matt’s skills transcend the industry norm, resulting in the Konversed app – a revolutionary design by creatives for creatives with a subtle dose of tech geekiness bringing the user interface to its purest function and form. His deep understanding of app design and the complexities involved in programming led him to propel several pioneering cloud and mobile tech product developments. These include the high-end automotive platform PrestigeWay, tablet publishing platform Digitize, and TrayPay restaurant POS software for IOS devices.

Before concentrating his skills on the app development arena, Matt was a multi-award-winning graphic designer with a successful design studio. He collected more than 18 years of experience in Australia and Germany, working with various spheres of government as well as sophisticated technology, industrial and product design clients, including Woodmark Arne Christiansen, Audi Australia, Audi AG Ingolstadt and Dallmeier.


Equal parts strategic thinker, brand engineer,
experience designer, digital architect and
mobile marketer, Brett is Konversed’s
global innovation powerhouse.

Thanks to his obsession with creating the world’s best integrated consumer/user experiences, Brett comes to Konversed with an extraordinary scope of knowledge. He has led highly successful integrated digital and social-centric projects, ranging in spend from US$ 500K-10M. He has also directed engagements in excess of $60M annually (excl. media) for many of the Fortune 500, including Starbucks, Coca-Cola Global, Google and HP as well as British Airways, Volkswagen Group, Fiat Chrysler and Mars, Incorporated.

Blending Madison Avenue’s Mad Men with Silicon Valley’s geek squad, Brett’s award-winning expertise and thought leadership influences the positioning, direction and messaging of the world’s biggest brands. Through experience and with a constant thirst for the What’s Next? Brett knows how to speak to millennial audiences and deliver disruptive content to mobile in the global, instant gratification, ‘access’ economy. Indeed, Konversed is Brett’s lifetime passion for conversation and storyscaping realized!

Dan Estrada

Dan has been actively involved in the business development of technology start-ups since 1995, and an advisor for Konversed since its inception. Industry renowned, Dan has an unrivalled network of OEM, Retail, ISP and ISV channel partners, built during his 20 years of experience in the technology space.

With intimate knowledge of the distribution and monetization of software and services through mass-market channel partners, Dan is in the position to expertly guide Konversed, ensuring the future-proofing of its technology. He is widely respected for his pivotal role in successfully leading the worldwide business development efforts for Norton Online Backup – Symantec’s first stand-alone consumer cloud backup service. Dan also executed the successful worldwide channel distribution strategy for cloud service start-up, SwapDrive, (an online backup, storage and sharing service), from the company’s inception through to its acquisition by Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) for $123 million.